This facial cleanser rated 100/100 on Yuka is your skin’s daily ally

This facial cleanser rated 100100 on Yuka is your skins

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    To clean your face, discover this product which gets an excellent rating on Yuka. Here’s why you’ll love using it every day.

    Removing makeup and cleansing are essential steps in good skincare to maintain healthy skin. However, you must choose your cleanser carefully, opting for effective and gentle treatment on the epidermis. Good news: Yuka seems to have found THE ideal cleanser.

    What is this famous product rated 100/100 on Yuka?

    To help you choose your everyday products, the Yuka application assigns a rating to those sold on the food and cosmetics markets. Among them, a facial cleanser gets a score of 100/100! This is “The Cleanse” from Ilia: a gentle, foaming facial cleanser which has a make-up removing action. This product is sold at 39.90 euros for 200mL at Sephora.

    What are the benefits of this cleanser?

    If this cleanser is so well rated, it is first of all for its effectiveness: it eliminates traces of makeup, sun protection and pollution. In addition to removing makeup and cleansing the epidermis, it hydrates your skin. Enough to leave you with soft, supple and refreshed skin!

    Its success also comes from its healthy composition: it has a balanced pH, is fragrance-free and made up of 90% ingredients of natural origin. These advantages make it a cleanser which is not aggressive and which is suitable for the most sensitive skin. You can therefore use it in the morning and evening without risk of irritation.

    Added to this, the product is easy to use. Simply squeeze the pump 2-3 times to get the perfect dose of foam, massage gently onto slightly damp skin then rinse with lukewarm water. The foamy texture makes it a very pleasant cleanser.

    As clean from the inside as from the outside!

    Another advantage of the Ilia cleansing foam is its packaging! Just like its skin-friendly formula, the bottle is also environmentally friendly. In fact, it is recyclable and made from 30% recycled plastic.

    Furthermore, on its website, the brand provides a free shipping label so that consumers can return the pump so that it too can be recycled. This product is therefore as healthy for you as it is for the planet!