This expert-recommended tip will help you drive better when it snows

This expert recommended tip will help you drive better when it

Thanks to this tip, many motorists will be able to avoid certain pitfalls when it snows.

It’s not always easy to drive in snow. It can sometimes even turn into a nightmare driving a car not equipped to drive on a road covered with a layer of white powder. It is not for nothing that residents of mountainous areas almost all have snow chains or snow tires to better cope with harsh winter conditions. For others, living in cities where it is much rarer to see snowflakes falling on the road, driving on snow-covered ground often resembles a station of the cross.

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to driving in snow is the difficulty in maintaining control of your car. Snow actually creates a slippery surface on the road, considerably reducing tire grip. The latter, when they are not adapted with sculpted notches, have difficulty maintaining sufficient traction, which can lead to skidding. But there is another pitfall, also well known to motorists who have already tried driving on slippery surfaces: wheels that slip when starting off. Here too, equipment is important to avoid getting stuck in the snow. But if this happens to you, there is a trick to quickly get out of trouble.

When a car gets stuck on a patch of snow and its wheels spin, often because the ground below is frozen, accelerating is not enough to get going again. Worse, if the driver presses too hard on the pedal then he will contribute to further getting his car stuck. To avoid one day finding yourself in this situation and having to call a tow truck – which can quickly cost around a hundred euros – many automotive experts advise putting a sandbag in the trunk of your car. in winter. You can find packs of 30 kilos for less than 5 euros in stores.

What to do with this sand? You simply need to sprinkle a few handfuls as close as possible to the spinning wheels, especially in front and behind. Then you can get back into your car and gently step on the accelerator. The thousands of grains of sand will allow the tires to regain grip and the wheels to have enough traction to get out of the track in which the vehicle was stuck. You will thus be able to resume your journey without having to call on outside help, which is often expensive. However, don’t forget that suitable equipment (chains, socks, winter tires, etc.) greatly facilitates driving on snowy roads.