this exchange between Macron and his chatbot, by Christophe Donner – L’Express

How Emmanuel Macron was overtaken by the curse of the

It looks like a joke. Still, that’s it, we can talk with the dead. The Chinese have been doing this for a while. The principle is simple, from a good stock of handwritten, sound, photographic and video documents accumulated during a person’s lifetime, we can reconstruct it identically, animate it and make it capable of responding to all the questions, thanks to a chatbot, a computer program equipped with the latest advances in artificial intelligence technology. This robot allows you to have a conversation with the animated image of the deceased.

Let’s imagine… Fond of new technologies, Emmanuel Macron, the President of the Republic, equipped with artificial intelligence software, managed to speak with a dead man, and not just any dead man, his mentor, the greatest philosopher French during his lifetime, but practically unknown, but having benefited, when dead, from excellent press, Paul Ricoeur. The Elysée’s IT services provided all the necessary information to their conversational robot, a chatbot named “Uncle Paul”, because that is what the children called the great philosopher in his Esprit des Murs Blancs community. They also provided a brief summary of the history of France in the 20th century, its wars, its 1930s, with its weaknesses for the Nazi regime of the great Germanic neighbor, its betrayals, its cowardice, its debacle, its occupation, its villainous, racist, xenophobic laws, and then today’s news, that of the 1920s, as we will later call this sad pre-war period, with always the same racism, the same xenophobia, the same weaknesses towards Putin’s crypto-Stalinist regime.

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The computer scientists at the Elysée didn’t forget anything and, from there, the chatbot did the rest. The president just had to open the application, and Ricoeur’s face appeared, reconstituted identically, with the same expressions of false shyness, of false humility. A prodigy. Uncle Paul resurrected. Facing his screen, the thrill-seeking president had tears in his eyes. After swallowing, he asked his dear deceased: “Tell me what the people are asking for, Uncle Paul, and I will do it.”

“You’re going to have fun with little Bardella and his mom Le Pen”

The robot did not mill around for very long before responding: “I will tell you, Emmanuel, faithful disciple who came to power to spread my ideology at the same time, the people want you to make the gift of your person to France . That you stop the fight against the fascist enemy, that you address him this night to ask him if he is ready to seek with you the means to put an end to the hostilities. You must ask everyone. the French to group themselves around the future Le Pen government that you will preside over during these difficult trials, and that you silence their anguish to listen only to their faith in the destiny of the homeland.

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You will also tell the people of France that the dissolution of the National Assembly was inevitable. You will tell him: ‘This failure in the European elections surprised you, you are looking for the reasons. I will tell them to you. Too few children, too few weapons, too few allies, these are the causes of our defeat.’ After which, you will scold him, it won’t hurt him: ‘For too long the spirit of enjoyment has prevailed over the spirit of sacrifice. We claimed more than we served. We wanted to save the effort; today we encounter misfortune.’ You will seem to recognize your mistakes, and in the end, you will give them hope: ‘I was with you in the glory days. President of the Republic, I am and will remain with you in the dark days. Be by my side.’ I can assure you of the result. You will lose the legislative elections, but it will only be a bad time to go through. Afterwards, you’re going to have a lot of fun with little Bardella and his mother Le Pen during the three years of collaboration to come.”