This electric scooter is so compact that it even fits under a desk

This electric scooter is so compact that it even fits

Japanese startup Icoma presents the Tatamel Bike, an innovative concept of electric scooter ultra-compact foldable, able to store under a desk, for example. Tatamel is a small scooter which can reach 40 km / h and is equipped with a battery giving it up to 50 km ofautonomy.

When fully folded, the scooter is less than 70cm high and only 26cm wide. It can then easily be stored almost anywhere. To achieve this, the handlebars, the front and the rear of the scooter fold up and lock in seconds. Note that it is extremely easy to handle since it rolls and is dragged like any suitcase. Its two imposing side panels can be easily personalized.

The Tatamel is still at the prototype stage and therefore in the development phase, but Icoma is looking to make it a production model one day. In the meantime, only a reduced model (1/12) is on sale, for 6,600 yen (just under 50 euros).

Note that the Japanese are particularly creative in matter since a year ago, the University of Tokyo and the startup Mercari presented the Pomio concept (for POrtable and Inflatable MObility), a electric scooter meanwhile … inflatable!

In any case, the idea is to travel with a clean vehicle and to be able to easily fold it up and store it as needed, in a parking lot, at home or at work.