This dating trend is making a comeback among singles, and there’s a reason why

This dating trend is making a comeback among singles and

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    Lately, singles seem to be getting a taste for the speed dating trend again. But what is this linked to? We’ll explain!

    The love market has a multitude of trends in dating and romantic behavior. But what do today’s singles prefer? Experts have recently identified that speed dating is making a comeback. According to Eventbrite, a platform specializing in live experiences, among Americans the number of participants in speed dating increased by 63% between 2021 and 2022, and by 30% between 2022 and 2023… Figures revealing the current trend.

    A quick reminder of what speed dating is (for those who don’t know): it’s a way of “dating” by participating in a series of very short interviews, with different suitors over the course of a same day or evening. Each suitor has the right to the same duration of exchanges during the date. At the end of this series of meetings, the person reveals whether or not they wish to continue with each of the people met. Mostly known by older generations, speed dating is also increasingly winning over Generation Z. We’ll explain why!

    Singles tired of meeting on the internet

    Experts explain that the current popularity of speed dating is mainly linked to the decline of dating apps. According to them, singles are tired of this virtual way of meeting…

    A study carried out on the subject supports this observation by affirming that “46% of individuals surveyed believe that their experience on dating apps is overall very negative”. The reason ? Disappointed singles find that most users of these applications are insincere about their real intentions. Faced with their disappointment, speed dating would seem to be an effective solution to revive their way of meeting.

    More chances of meeting a serious partner thanks to speed dating

    Most singles looking for more sincere partners therefore turn to speed dating. Indeed, this practice requires more investment compared to dating applications, in particular because it is paid. Even if this detail dissuades some single people from taking part in the game, it constitutes a good way to filter the different profiles and keep away those who seem little invested in a potential relationship.

    An opportunity to stand out

    Last advantage and not the least: speed dating leaves more room for feeling and naturalness. Indeed, many people find it difficult to stand out when they get to know each other virtually. Meeting directly in “real life” therefore allows you to focus on spontaneity and on everything that you cannot see through messages. One of the participants interviewed, and having tested speed dating, explains that this experience allowed him to consider people he would probably not have considered on an application.