This brand new Harry Potter LEGO set has a very special highlight

This brand new Harry Potter LEGO set has a very

There are now a few Harry Potter LEGO sets, but one model in particular stands out from the crowd the sorting hat. This iconic piece of clothing, which has long won the hearts of Hogwarts fans, is now also available as a special item Collectible for adultsnamely with a special highlight.

The LEGO set “The Sorting Hat” has only recently expanded the block manufacturer’s range and is aimed at explicitly aimed at older Potter fans. You can pre-order it now from Amazon and look forward to a real terminal block highlight.

The Sorting Hat – LEGO set for collectors with special extras

Amazon is currently selling the LEGO set “The Sorting Hat” for pre-orders for 99.99 euros*. The delivery takes place from March 1st, 2024. As always, Prime customers benefit from free shipping, and Amazon’s also applies Pre-order price guarantee.

The entire set consists of 561 componentswhich relates to the hat itself and a stand have it put together for the headgear. The stand features the crests of the four Hogwarts houses Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff. Last but not least, the set also includes a Harry Potter figure that wears a miniature version of the Sorting Hat on his head.

But the Sorting Hat made of Lego is not just a block puzzle; interactive collectible. Because the finished model is equipped with a special noise stone, which randomly produces one of when activated 31 sound combinations reproduces.

If you put the hat on or tap its tip, it decides, like in the book and film, which Hogwarts house you should belong to. Do they appeal to you? Sound effects less, you can simply place the entire set and stand on the shelf instead: the sorting hat in LEGO form also looks quite impressive.

Alternative to dressing up: The Sorting Hat from the Wizarding World

While the Sorting Hat LEGO set is primarily a collector’s item for the display case, it offers officially licensed talking hat the Wizarding World is a cheap alternative for cosplay and children’s parties.

Because the authentically manufactured replica that you can currently find on Amazon 33 percent cheaper for 39.99 euros *, let us know 15 different sayings a house too. Particularly cool: The appropriate facial expressions also shows the hat when making his decision.

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