This biblical female first name shows great growth (it is in the top 200)

This biblical female first name shows great growth it is

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    First names from biblical sources are still trendy in 2024. Doctissimo reveals which first name from the top 200 could appeal to future parents.

    Are you expecting a little girl and you don’t know where to start when creating a list of favorite names? Doctissimo helps you see things more clearly based on trending themes. In 2024, first names from biblical sources are very popular, discover one of them.

    Hannah, the first name of a biblical character

    Whether you are a believer or not, sacred texts like the Bible can be a great source of inspiration for future names for your child. Moreover, the experts of the book L’Officiel des Prénoms (First Editions) have made the first names from biblical sources among the most popular, and have been doing so for many years. A biblical character, Hannah despairs of ever having a child. It was at an advanced age that her prayers were answered and she gave birth to Samuel, the first great judge and prophet in the Old Testament. This first name means “grace” in Hebrew. The English and then American Puritans adopted and popularized this first name from the 16th century. It is now common in English-speaking countries. Worn by more than 5,000 people in France, it ranks in the top 200 of the most given first names in 2024. Future parents can choose its Annah variant for more spelling originality!

    In terms of character, little Hannahs are full of energy, autonomous, sometimes authoritarian and do not lack ambition. They look for novelty and like to be surprised!

    Biblical first names to combine history, culture and spirituality

    Future parents undoubtedly appreciate first names from Bible sources for their traditional side. But this is not the only reason why parents choose this type of first name. Indeed, subtly mixing history and culture, these first names are rich in meaning in a society that pushes for ever more originality. Transmitting one’s spirituality is also an argument for those who choose to name their child inspired by sacred texts. These first names also convey virtues and qualities directly inspired by characters whose extraordinary destinies the Old or New Testament relates. Stories that undoubtedly influence future parents.

    The prettiest biblical names

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