This application is a hit in the United States and allows you to watch Netflix films for free

This application is a hit in the United States and

An application released very recently on the App Store is subject to numerous controversies. It would allow its users to watch very recent films for free.

The information seems almost too good to be true: for several days, a new application only available on iOS would allow its users to watch pirated films and series. Some videos even come from very recent productions which are still shown in cinemas such as the film “Poor Things” with Emma Stone.

Entitled “Kimi”, the application in question presents itself as a solution for testing one’s vision by displaying several images of different qualities. The user can then check whether their vision has deteriorated or not based on what is displayed on the screen. The application, as presented on the App Store, also goes in this direction and seems to indicate that it is a simple solution for testing your eyesight.

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However, one detail calls out: why is a simple application that allows you to test your eyesight in eighth position among the most downloaded applications in the “entertainment” section of the App Store? Additionally, user reviews seem very enthusiastic for a simple eyesight test app. In user comments, some describe Kimi as “the best app ever!” or that they “like this application so much”, which raises questions once again. And for good reason: once Kimi is launched on your iPhone or iPad, the application does not display any vision tests.

In reality, Kimi is a streaming or downloading video service with multiple films and series. This content, certainly pirated, brings together multiple productions that can be found on Netflix, Disney+ or even Amazon Prime. Several recent films are also available in fairly poor quality and clearly filmed with a cell phone. In particular, we find the very recent “Poor Things” by director Yórgos Lánthimos, although it is still showing in cinemas.

You will have understood: if Kimi is such a hit on the App Store, it is because the application certainly allows you to test your eyesight with degraded images, but above all to watch many films for free. However, it would not be surprising if Apple acted very quickly to delete the application as it appears to violate numerous copyright and intellectual property laws.