This anti-stretch mark treatment with proven effectiveness wins the organic product of the year award – We tested it, here is our opinion

This anti stretch mark treatment with proven effectiveness wins the organic

A panel of testers awarded it the organic product of the year prize. Inspired by rare ancestral rituals, this body treatment regenerates and repairs the skin thanks to its 100% natural composition. Here are its secrets.

Despite the astronomical quantity of new organic products and new brands that come out every year, sometimes a little gem gets noticed. This is the case of this product which has just received the award for organic product of the year. Evaluated by a jury of 100 “super-testers”, recruited for their affinity with organic products and their seriousness, this treatment was rewarded according to a demanding process. What’s so special about it?

First, this little elixir comes in a dry oil format that can be applied all over the body. It is certified organic, vegan and its composition is perfectly natural. His nickname? The Repairing Care Blend from the Izaho Botanicals brand. To develop its products, the botanical laboratory is inspired by ancestral rituals and Malagasy knowledge to heal with plants. For several generations, the house has acquired exceptional know-how.

© Izaho Botanicals

This recently awarded body oil was created after 3 years of research. It is composed of plant extracts known for their hydrating, regenerating and repairing benefits. I named Centella asiatica, Sigesbeckia orientalis and Acmella oleracea. This winning combo offers formidable efficiency on scars and stretch marks. The promise ? Reduce them significantly in order to obtain smooth and uniform skin. And the least we can say is that the effectiveness is proven. Izaho Botanicals conducted a 28-day clinical study on men and women and 100% of volunteers felt their stretch marks had faded and 71% said their scars had faded.

Our verdict after testing it

When we test the Repairing Care Blend from Izaho Botanicals, we immediately understand that we are dealing with a special treatment. The product formulas are developed by ethno-botanists and chemical engineers, and it shows. The oil texture could be scary at first, but it is ultimately very pleasant to apply. It is both soft and enveloping for a quality massage. The treatment is still absorbed very quickly, which allows you to get dressed straight away. It leaves a satiny veil on the skin and creates a pretty silhouette. Know that to obtain visible results, you must apply the oil in circular movements to the marks and stretch marks, twice a day for 8 weeks. So yes, you have to be patient, but the game is worth it!