This AI helps new parents

This AI helps new parents

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    ParentGPT is a new artificial intelligence tool aimed at young parents. It is supposed to provide them with quick and reliable answers to the daily worries of young mothers and fathers. This AI is currently being launched exclusively in the United States.

    This new chatbot is available via the Oath Care application, which brings together a community of parents and healthcare professionals. Directly derived from ChatGPT, ParentGPT presents itself as a generative artificial intelligence specially dedicated to young parents, starting with single mothers.

    This AI-powered chatbot strives to provide trusted advice and support to parents. For this, ParentGPT is powered by a multitude of serious sources, such as scientific journals and various publications from academies and recognized specialists. Please note, it obviously does not replace a doctor, but it allows parents to quickly provide a solution deemed quite reliable.

    Whether it’s advice on breastfeeding, sleeping or even help managing your work-life balance, ParentGPT serves to reassure. In addition to answering the most frequent questions young parents ask, the stated objective of ParentGPT is to take the drama out of things and reduce parents’ stress. However, there are questions that will remain unanswered, particularly with regard to alleged acts of mistreatment and domestic violence, themes where the Internet user is then referred to dedicated services and emergency medical help.

    Any user can post two posts per month in the community for free. Then, he will have to pay a subscription of 5 dollars per month to be able to continue benefiting from ParentGPT.

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