This actress who plays Kate Middleton in “The Crown” REALLY looks just like her. Discover his face

This actress who plays Kate Middleton in The Crown REALLY

We now know the face of the woman who plays Kate Middleton in the new season of “The Crown” and it is a true perfect reflection of the crowned head. Pictures.

The sixth and final season of the series The Crown is available on Netflix since November 16, 2023! The opportunity for fans to discover the meeting between Kate Middleton and Prince William at the University of St Andrews. And to play the character of the Princess of Wales, the producers chose Meg Bellamya young actress aged 19 who looks exactly like her at her age.

The resemblance between Kate Middleton and Meg Bellamy

Long brown hair, warm smile, green eyes, round face and more than elegant walk: Meg Bellamy seems made to play young Kate Middleton in the new season of The Crown. It is true that the photos published on the actress’ Instagram account are disturbing to say the least. “You look exactly like Kate. For a second I thought they were pictures of her” commented one Internet user, quickly followed by others: “You look so much like them“, “Incredible resemblance“…

The perfect double of Prince William on screen

He is his spitting image! Just like Kate Middleton, the son of King Charles III and Lady Diana Spencer also has an incredible understudy which was revealed through the new season of The Crown. Indeed, actor Ed McVey lends his features to Prince William in his younger years and the resemblance is unmistakable. A similarity in appearance but also in physique with the same blond hair, the same steely gaze and the same square jaw. One wonders if they are not related!