This activity will change you from a classic Valentine’s Day

This activity will change you from a classic Valentines Day

It is possible to celebrate an unusual and totally offbeat Valentine’s Day by choosing this activity.

A bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates, a playlist of love songs or a candlelit dinner… Very little for you: you have become allergic to the very codified and sometimes oppressive ceremonial of the lovers’ party. What if for once, you indulged in something more fun, a sort of return to your childhood as a couple? We offer you an evening a thousand miles from the traditional image we have of a Valentine’s Day outing.

During this Valentine’s Day evening, you will challenge your other half to a game of skill, much more fun than pétanque! The activity is played with different models of axes with blunt blades and the size varies depending on the participants. Like in a game of darts, it’s about showing precision to score points on a target that is about 4 meters from you… You still can’t guess?

It is ax throwing and this unusual activity exists in almost all major cities in France, even if it saw the light of day in a center in Paris, Les Cognées, which can accommodate up to 30 people per one-hour session. Since then, addresses have multiplied all over France and most have a bar and offer catering on site, like in Paris, Nantes or Grenoble. After expressing your intrepid side and your childish soul to your other half, you will finally be able to break the ice or toast to love! And we reassure you: you don’t need to have the physique of a lumberjack to throw axes or the dexterity of a Robin Hood… An instructor will be there to accompany you, everything will go well.

  • Les Cognées in Paris
  • Wildness in Paris and Nancy (axe, shovel and shuriken throwing!)
  • L’Hachez-vous in Lyon, Val d’Oise (Herblay-sur-Seine), Toulouse and Pornichet
  • The Ax Taken in Lille
  • The Jack Brothers in Bordeaux, Rennes and Nantes
  • The Karnage Club in Toulouse
  • Lumberjack in Metz (axe and shuriken throwing!)
  • Tanquees in Aix-en-Provence
  • Lance Ta Hache in Montpellier (Castelnau le Lez)
  • Tours N’Fun in Tours
  • The Axes of Grenoble
  • Tomahawk in Nice and Mougins

As you will have understood, other ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day are possible, far from romantic clichés. Did you know that Valentine’s Day was also born from a true act of rebellion? For the record, this festival would be in homage to the priest Valentin de Terni who secretly celebrated marriages forbidden by the Emperor in the 3rd century AD, and who was beheaded on February 14, 270. So we dare to have fun, humor, the offbeat to celebrate love far from the beaten track this February 14!