thirty years after the genocide, how was the State rebuilt?

thirty years after the genocide how was the State rebuilt

On Sunday April 7, Rwanda entered three months of commemorations of the Tutsi genocide. Thirty years later, while a new generation is learning to free itself from this trauma, the country has rebuilt itself, developed, by force. It is even often cited as an example for its economic success, even if inequalities remain, and even if the return to order after the chaos of 1994 also had the corollary of a closure of political space.

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How the State was rebuilt Rwanda ? How has Rwandan society recovered and transformed in 30 years? How the shock wave of the Tutsi genocide fueled regional instability, leading to this new ongoing war in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo ?

Special edition presented by Nathalie Amar with reports from our correspondents and analyzes from our guests:

Benjamin Chemouni, teacher-researcher at the University of Louvain, specialist in post-genocide Rwanda

Louis Gitinywa, lawyer, researcher in constitutional law in Kigali

Philippe DamHuman Rights Watch advocacy director for the European Union in Brussels

Onesphore Sematumbaresearcher at the International Crisis Group (ICG) based in Goma

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