Third party allowance (PCRTP): amount 2023

Third party allowance PCRTP amount 2023

The third party allowance is intended to finance the assistance of a person for carrying out several daily acts (washing, going to bed, dressing, etc.). 2023 amounts and conditions.

The PCRTP or additional benefit for recourse to a third party is a sum intended to finance the assistance of a person to help you carry out the ordinary acts of everyday life. You can collect it, under conditions. Its amount varies according to your assistance needs.

Definition: what is the third party allowance (PCRTP)?

Since March 1, 2013, the additional benefit for recourse to a third party (PCRTP) has replaced the increase for third parties. Destiny to people with disabilitiesits objective is to allocate a sum to help you pay for home assistance.

What are the conditions for benefiting from the PCRTP?

There are 3 conditions to be met to benefit from it:

  1. Already perceive a pension for permanent disability due to an accident at work or an occupational disease
  2. Have a disability rate of at least 80%
  3. Have Difficulty performing at least 3 everyday acts on your own or having neuropsychiatric disorders presenting a danger to you or others

The medical adviser of the health insurance fund on which you depend determines, thanks to an appreciation grid of 10 acts of daily life, if you have great difficulty making at least 3 of them on your own and if, therefore, you need someone’s help. Among the common gestures are: getting up and going to bed, moving around your accommodation, eating and drinking, dressing and undressing completely, doing your business…

If the CPAM’s medical advisor considers that you need the help of a third party, you do not have to take any action: it is the CPAM or the MSA that takes care of it.

What is the amount in 2023 of the PCRTP?

The amount of MTP is 1,192.56 euros per month or 14,310.72 euros per year. These numbers will remain in effect until April 1, 2023, date of their next increase.

The payment is made by the CPAM. The 1st payment takes place, depending on the case: on the date of filing of the service request, same date as the annuity if you see one, at the date of revision pension or from the day of observationby the doctor, of the inability of the insured to perform the tasks of daily living.

In which cases does the payment of the PCRTP stop?

The payment is stopped if:

You are hospitalized. It will resume when you leave the hospital.

You no longer meet the eligibility criteria

Sources: Public service and Ministry of the Interior websites.