They make it to the semi-finals of Sweden’s Master Chef 2024

It’s getting close to the end. Now it is not far until the winner of “Sweden’s master chef 2024” is ready and can leave the program 250,000 kroner and a cookbook contract richer. In this week’s episode, four contestants compete to advance to next week’s semi-finals.

In this week’s main competition, the participants have to cook one fish dish each, where they get seven different fish to choose from. But before they get to choose fish and start their cooking, they need to solve a quiz – where the winner gets to choose fish first.

The girls progress in Sweden’s master chef

Tess Medina receives harsh criticism for her arrangement, with Tommy Myllymäki saying it “looks deplorable”. But she is also the one who cooks the best food. Together with Josefine Freij, she advances to next week’s semi-finals.

– It’s so crazy, I’m in the semi-finals! Who am I? I’m top three! notes an overjoyed Tess.

In elimination, Hedvig Henrekson and Sebastian Wilhelmsson are therefore pitted against each other, and in that competition the sea theme continues. The participants must prepare one octopus dish each, and the one who succeeds best in the end is Hedvig.

– I never thought this. Top three is awesome, she says.

Sebastian will be the one to leave the program.

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Swedish amateur chefs compete with their culinary skills in front of a tough jury and it is important to perform at your best.