“They have done nothing wrong”

They have done nothing wrong

The Nashville Predators and San Jose Sharks, who will meet in Prague next month, have been told that Russian players are not welcome there. There is no information yet on the participation of the Russians in the NHL games played in Finland in November.

The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed the NHL that Russian players are not welcome to the opening games of the NHL season in October due to Russia’s military actions.

The Nashville Predators and San Jose Sharks will play regular season games on the 7th-8th. October in Prague.

– The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent a letter to the NHL pointing out that currently neither the Czech Republic nor the other Schengen countries should grant visas to Russian players, deputy foreign minister Martin Smolek said the news agency AP (you will switch to another service).

The statement has been influenced by the Czech goalkeeper legend Dominik Hasek, who has worked with the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs so that Russian players would not be seen in the matches. Hasek has visibly opposed Russia’s military actions on social media.

– We don’t want to advertise Russian aggression here, Hasek wrote On Twitter (you will switch to another service) after the statement.

The NHL believes the Russians will play

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said on Thursday that he believes that the Russian players will be involved in the matches to be played in the fall.

San Jose’s GM Mike Grier’s according to which the team will not go to Prague unless everyone can join.

– The players have not done anything wrong. I don’t think they should be punished. We stand as one team on this issue, Grier told AP.

Russian Championat website (you are moving to another service)rate (you switch to another service), that replacing Russian players would cause difficulties for the teams, as they would lose their key players. For example, the Sharks forward Yevgeny Svetshnikov is an important piece for the team.

Russian players of NHL teams playing in Europe in the fall

Nashville Predators

Jakov Trenin, striker

San Jose Sharks

Yevgeny Svetshnikov, striker
Alexandr Barbanov, striker
Nikolai Knyzhov, defender, injured

Colorado Avalanche

Valeri Nitsuskin, striker
Alex Galchenyuk, striker, Russian-American citizenship
Aleksandr Georgiev, goalkeeper, Russian-Bulgarian nationality

Columbus Blue Jackets

Yegor Tsinahov, striker
Vladislav Gavrikov, defender

The Colorado Avalanche and the Columbus Blue Jackets will meet twice in Tampere on the 4th-5th. November. So far, Russians have been able to come to Finland quite freely, even though the criteria for entry are going to be tightened.

Chairman of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association Harri Nummelan according to the games are events organized by the NHL, and the association has not discussed Russian players so far.

– Personally, I don’t see a big contradiction, because we currently have Russians playing in Finnish teams, the general secretary of next year’s World Cup Heikki Hietanen commented on Thursday.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Daly has said that the participation of Russian players in the 2024 World Cup is planned, despite Russia’s military actions.

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