They get media support – the evening papers are snubbed

They get media support the evening papers are snubbed



full screen Now it is clear which newspapers receive media support. Archive image. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

A total of 218 newspapers applied for the new media support – and now, after a long process, the media support board has concluded that a total of 166 of them will receive a total of 810 million. This is reported by the industry magazine Journalisten.

189 newspapers met the requirements regarding editorial size and number of readers, and the committee made a decision in principle after the investigation on how different concepts in the law should be interpreted.

It is notable that Svenska Dagbladet does not receive any general editorial support, this because the Media Authority considers that the newspaper has no financial need. SvD, on the other hand, receives just over 33 million in transitional support.

The evening papers Aftonbladet and Expressen receive no money at all.

There are now four different types of media support, a general editorial support and an extended editorial support. In addition, there is a distribution support and a transition support that should mitigate the fall for those who do not meet the requirements for the general editorial support.