They demonstrated for the Folkhögskolan in Arvika

Why Region Värmland did not allow demonstrations during the day was a little unclear to the organizer, the union representative for Sweden’s Teachers and the teacher Hans Hellström.

– We were surprised and dumbfounded when we heard that. It became a bit difficult with planning and implementation.

“Must invest in”

Lissbritt Aurvind Norman, a teacher at Ingesund folk high school in Arvika, closed the demonstration.

– Folkhögskolan is vital for many people who are far from working life because they have not passed their studies and here you get a new chance. Folk education and folk high schools are important activities that must be invested in.

Madelen is studying at university thanks to folk high school

Former student Madelen Ivarsson also came to show her support. For her, the time at folk high school was one of the best of her life.


– It has given me an incredible amount. I missed so much in high school so there was no other option but folk high school to catch up. Today I am studying at university thanks to my time at folk high school.

The other day, the government presented a knowledge boost to get more adults into work – among other things, 300 million kroner extra for folk high schools over three years. A bet that his Hellström does not consider to be any bet – see why in the clip above.