They deliberately poison children: Toxic chemicals cause cancer and infertility! School uniforms are darkening the future of children!

They deliberately poison children Toxic chemicals cause cancer and infertility

Research suggests that school uniforms can pose a health risk to children.

Tests have found that jackets, shirts and ties contain high levels of the eternal chemical called PFAS.

PFAS contents, which are known to be associated with cancer and infertility, also trigger obesity and asthma.

Chemicals designed to make surfaces stain and water resistant do not naturally degrade in the environment.



One of the research team members of Indiana University, Dr. Marta Venier says, “The use of these chemicals in school uniforms is alarming. Uniforms are worn directly on the skin for up to eight hours a day, especially by vulnerable children.” made a statement.



PFAS, which has been used since the late 1940s and is divided into compounds called perfluoroalkyls and polyfluoroalkyls, has more than 5 thousand varieties in different products. These help the products to be water, oil and stain resistant.

According to the news of BBC Turkish; They are known as “eternal chemicals” because they can stay in nature for so long. They poison fish and then move into the bodies of animals and humans.


Substances can leach from products and enter sewers and sewage treatment plants. However, it can leave here untreated and pollute the environment more widely.

PFAS substances found in agricultural lands can be transported from the fields to the rivers along with the sludge. Factories and landfills are other points where chemicals are found and seep into nature.

PFAS compounds can also enter drinking water directly in these ways. It is in the air and mixes with the blood in the human body.