These were the highlights of the first Find Your Next Game Show at CAGGTUS 2024

The first Find Your Next Game Show with our colleagues from GameStar took place at CAGGTUS 2024. With a well-known Twitch streamer as a star guest, there were all sorts of exclusive gameplay impressions.

The big gaming festival CAGGTUS 2024 will take place in Leipzig until tomorrow, April 7th, 2024.

In this context, our colleagues from GameStar organized the very first Find Your Next Game Show. Ann-Kathrin Kuhls (aka AK) and Julius Busch led the program as moderators.

Maurice Weber, who started as an editor at GameStar and is now an active streamer on Twitch, was also there.

He has a particular passion for strategy games, which is why he talked about the medieval building game Manor Lords right at the beginning of the show.

Here we have included the recording of the show directly for you:

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Exclusive gameplays and world premieres

After the FYNG weeks on the GameStar, GamePro and MeinMMO websites, in which we presented our favorites and recommendations, the first show took place in which tons of new game content was presented to you.

There were numerous exclusive gameplay impressions from the games:

  • Manor Lords
  • Sand land
  • Jump Ship
  • NEO Berlin 2087
  • Indica
  • Kingmakers
  • The nominees for the Find Your Next Game Indie Awards were also shown. The title contenders are Resistance 204X, Lose CTRL and Techno Banter. You can vote for your favorite among the three games in a vote on GamePro.

    In addition to the digital games, a board game, Avalon: The Riven Veil, was also introduced in more detail.

    At the end there was a very special highlight in the form of a world premiere of Aquapark Tycoon, a simulation game that will be released next year.

    Maurice Weber recently looked at Dragon’s Dogma 2 in a YouTube video and identified the game’s strengths and weaknesses. The Twitch streamer expressed criticism of the microtransactions:

    German Twitch streamer makes a verdict on Dragon’s Dogma 2: “The game deserves better”