These two personality traits are the most effective at seducing (and humor is not one of them)

These two personality traits are the most effective at seducing

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    Marie Lanen

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    Researchers reveal that physical appearance is not (necessarily) the only criterion sought among single people. Two personality traits in particular would be very important for life as a couple. Find out which ones.

    If most singles attach great importance to their physical appearance during a first meeting, know that this is not necessarily the most sought-after criterion among potential partners. A study published last February reveals that two very specific character traits are essential in terms of seduction.

    Two character traits predominate when it comes to seduction

    Thus, the study conducted in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior demonstrated that physical appearance was not the main criterion sought during a romantic encounter. “Mate preferences constitute an important differential in relationship formation and evolutionary capacity, and vary depending on individual, ecological, and social factors.”, explain the researchers of this work. To find out more, the scientists interviewed 778 cisgender Brazilians, aged 18 to 64, heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual men, women. They had to assign points according to the importance they give to these five characteristics: physical appearance, intelligence, kindness, health and socio-economic status. Result ? Intelligence and kindness predominate when it comes to seduction.

    Kindness and emotional intelligence

    If sometimes kindness can be perceived as a weakness (too good too stupid…); more and more people attach crucial importance to this human quality. Indeed, doing kindness demonstrates great emotional intelligence. A reassuring criterion for many singles who will prefer this character trait rather than a comfortable socio-economic status. Know that kindness also offers many benefits in the short and medium term:

    • Reduces stress and anxiety as well as the risk of depression;
    • Protects the heart by helping to control blood pressure;
    • Reduces pain through greater endorphin production;
    • Improves memory and the ability to learn new things;
    • Helps to maintain good morale thanks to the production of serotonin;
    • Helps to have a good social network;
    • Helps us to have a better opinion of ourselves;
    • Extends lifespan.

    In addition to being more attractive in the eyes of your future partner, you ensure a life in better physical and mental health.