These two items of clothing don’t seem to go together at all – and yet, they make up the look that will be everywhere this season

These two items of clothing dont seem to go together

The best way to look stylish these days? Wear two pieces that generally don’t fit on top of each other. Deciphering this typically Y2K trend.

It was only a matter of time before another 2000s trend caught on. After the return of the ultra-low waist, peach skin tracksuits and platform sneakers, it’s the turn of a fashion combo that we thought was forgotten to become obvious: the skirt (or dress) worn over pants.

Skirt + pants, do we dare?

Before it was adopted by celebrities, Katie Holmes, Shakira, Camélia Jordana and Demi Moore in the lead, the skirt + pants combo established itself on the fall-winter 2023-2024 fashion shows.

Preview at Givenchy, Marine Serre, or even Vaillant, it should remind Millennials of the great times of their college years. At the house of Courrègesthis trend is worn in leather and adorned with rock cutouts while at Dsquared2it’s a denim model with sequined fringes that stands out from the crowd.

A style that Prada is not reserved only for women, since the Italian house has introduced into its men’s fall-winter 2023-2024 collection several figures dressed in dresses and pants.

Ganni’s denim skirt © Ganni

How to wear the skirt over the pants like a pro?

Now that skirts and pants go well together again, you have to choose the combination that makes an impact every time. The most popular option: the miniskirt on baggy cargo. Another striking association? Put on a kilt over leather pants. As for those who hesitate to take the plunge, it is possible to opt for a model tone on tone, with the skirt directly integrated into the pants. The Danish brand Ganni imagined this hybrid piece: a slit denim skirt sewn onto matching faded jeans. A daring creation, which the brand sells for 345 euros in stores and on its website.