These smart windows ensure the renewal of indoor air

These smart windows ensure the renewal of indoor air

Breathing healthy air is essential for our health, yet the air quality in our homes still leaves much to be desired. With the “Airflow” program, K-Line offers a solution to efficiently ventilate without having to think about it.

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At the start of 2020, the world is going through an unprecedented crisis. The coronavirus responsible for a deadly Covid-19 pandemic is spreading. In the hope of limiting its spread, populations are confined. The savings, brought to a halt. With the collateral effect, a dramatic drop in outdoor air pollution.

Spending nearly 80% of our time locked up (69% in our homes), it is essential to ventilate to eliminate the various pollutants (volatile organic compounds (VOC), CO2, molds …) present in indoor air. However, many are those who have not yet adopted this simple gesture on a daily basis … In order to efficiently ventilate your home, K-Line offers the “Airflow” program including controlled exterior joinery (tilt and turn window FPi, two-leaf bay unit).

A stream of air to ventilate

To ensure good ventilation, it is not necessary to open windows and sliding doors wide for hours. The sash of the “FPi” tilt-and-turn window opens a small centimeter or, as required, fifteen centimeters. For its part, the motorized sliding bay unit opens three centimeters. Enough to let in a trickle ofair sufficient to ensure air circulation in the room.

Connected windows for optimal ventilation

Connected to a box (Tydom Delta Dore), these exterior joinery can be controlled directly from a wall control box or via the’applicationK-Line Smart Home “(ios, Android). This allows you to remotely manage the opening and closing of the motorized leaf or to program scenarios according to the rhythm of life of the household. However, for a air quality optimal, joinery and application can be combined with a sensor smart (Netatmo).

Automatic indoor air renewal

The latter measures in real time the CO rate2 (up to 5,000 ppm) and the humidity level (from 0 to 100%) contained in the room. Thus, when the levels are too high, windows and sliders connected to the “Airflow” program are opened to create efficient through ventilation. As soon as the thresholds return to normal, the leaves close automatically.

A mobile application for more security

In addition to air quality management, the “K-Line Smart Home” application includes many other functions. Among these, the home security. Provided, however, that doors, windows and bay windows are fitted with integrated locking sensors (DVI) or not (DVO). Connected to the app, occupants can quickly and easily check whether the front door is properly locked, whether the blackouts are properly closed, etc.

At a time when the home automation systems integrate our home with features that have become commonplace, indoor air quality management offers real comfort on a daily basis. Finally, available in different dimensions, these exterior joinery in aluminum have very good thermal performance.

What you must remember

  • Innovative, the FPi tilt-and-turn window received the gold medal of the 2021 innovation trophies.
  • For optimal ventilation, simply open the windows two to three times a day for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • At night, the piloted windows allow you to enjoy very good summer comfort.

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