These retirees must respond to a letter within a few days

Retirees must respond to this letter within a few days

Many retirees have received an important letter for the amount of their pension.

It’s no longer a reflex for everyone, and yet, it’s better to think about it. All administrative procedures are not (yet?) completely digitalized. Although less and less mail is delivered to mailboxes, the few envelopes that are still left there generally contain important documents. Recently, retirees were the recipients of an important letter concerning the amount of their monthly pension.

Originally, Agirc-Arrco, the supplementary pension for private sector employees. More than 13.3 million former workers are affiliated to it. During the month of March, some received a letter from the organization. Its subject: “Request your tax notice for the calculation of social security contributions”. A seemingly technical process but in reality very simple and, above all, essential to avoid losing money.

The procedure to follow is not very complicated: respond to this letter (by mail or by clicking on this website) by attaching either your last tax notice (that of 2023), or proof of receipt of one of these benefits:

  • Allowance for old salaried workers and life relief
  • Allowance for mothers
  • Agricultural old-age allowance
  • Allowance for old self-employed workers
  • Special allowance
  • Additional allocation from the old age solidarity fund
  • Lifetime allowance for elderly returnees
  • Additional allocation from the special disability fund
  • Solidarity allowance for the elderly
  • Additional disability allowance

Not all retirees attached to Agirc-Arrco have received this letter because, generally speaking, taxes send this data directly to the organization. Only certain specific cases are affected by this approach, in particular those who retired during the year 2023.

It is important not to forget to respond so as not to lose money. Indeed, for new retirees, this may make it possible to reduce the amount of social security contributions deducted from your retirement pension (CSG, CRDS, CASA) more than expected. These may be too high for your situation if you do not return these items. And the tax authorities will not issue any refunds. Be careful not to miss the deadline to respond: Friday May 31, 2024.