These first names popular in France are banned in Portugal

These first names popular in France are banned in Portugal

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    Did you know that Portugal was quite strict when it came to choosing baby names? Find out which very popular first names in France are not authorized in the Portuguese Republic.

    Choosing a first name can be a complicated step for parents. They each have their preferences and must manage to agree on the ideal name for their future baby. In addition, there are rules depending on the country in which the newborn will be born…and they are not always simple! Among the demanding countries in this area, we find Portugal. Discover the first names prohibited by its legislation.

    First names considered as “diminutives”

    Regarding first names, the Portuguese state is quite strict. The official list of those authorized by legislation includes around 1000. This is a low number, especially if we compare it to the French list authorizing almost 13,000 first names.

    Portuguese legislation requires that residents respect traditions: the newborn must not have more than two first names, the spelling and phonetics must be in accordance with the Portuguese language and the first name must suit the sex of the baby.

    Furthermore, the Portuguese Republic prohibits diminutives, although they are very fashionable in France. First names considered as “diminutives” are many. Thus, Portuguese parents cannot call their child Leo but rather Leopold. The same goes for the following first names: Kate (Katherine), Lise (Élisabeth), Max (Maxime), Théo (Théophile), or even Tom (Tomás). Obviously, this list is not exhaustive, and many other first names are affected by this rule.

    To get around this ban, there is only one solution: one of the two parents must have a nationality other than Portuguese, whether single or dual. In this case only, the child may have a different first name. However, the parent concerned must provide a certificate from their country certifying that the chosen name is acceptable.

    The top Portuguese first names

    Slide: The top Portuguese first names