These famous soft drinks would make the testicles bigger

These famous soft drinks would make the testicles bigger

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    Some drinks sold in supermarkets would increase testosterone levels and, therefore, the size of the genitals.

    Sleep disorders, diabetes, overweight, cancers… It’s a fact: the consumption of soft drinks is associated with numerous health problems. What we did not know, however, is that they would increase the volume of the testicles. The conclusions of this study are available in the PubMed database.

    Significantly larger testicles

    To achieve these amazing results, scientists tested the effects of two drinks – Coca-Cola and Pepsi – on mice.

    More precisely, two groups of thirty mice drank pure Pepsi or Pepsi cut with water. Two other groups of 30 mice drank Coca-Cola pure or diluted with water.

    The control group, meanwhile, simply received water.

    This somewhat unusual “regime” lasted 15 days.

    Result ? After weighing and measuring the testicles of the mice, the researchers noticed that those who drank pure Coca-cola or Pepsi had larger genital glands.

    Also, their blood contained more testosterone.

    The results showed that a high dose of these drinks could promote the growth and development of the testicles“, asserted the authors of the study.

    The consumption of sodas remains dangerous

    Be careful, however, not to reproduce this experience at home.

    Drinking soda in large quantities can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and cancers.

    Soft drinks could also harm female fertility (- 25% chance of conceiving, according to a study published in the journal Epidemiology).

    Caution is therefore called for.