These electric bikes are recharged wirelessly, by the kickstand

These electric bikes are recharged wirelessly by the kickstand

We already know the principle of wireless charging by induction of electric cars. The Dutch company Tiler applied it to electric bikes with a solution as simple as it is ingenious. This is a two-legged crutch connected to the VAE battery by a cable which will receive the Electric power emitted by induction via a load slab integrated in the roadway and connected to the power grid.

When the e-bike is parked in the intended location, the two ends of the stand come into contact with the Tiler slab and charging begins automatically. Currently, the system operates in 2 amps and the company announces a deadline of recharge equivalent to that of a conventional charger. A 4 amp version is planned later.

Tiler’s solution is offered to rental companies electric bikes and to companies in the form of a subscription at 25 euros per month with a 36-month commitment which includes a charging slab (to be installed at its own expense) and a crutch. The slab can be integrated into the ground, but Tiler also offers a platform to be placed wherever you want, especially inside a building. The company indicates that a version for electric cargo bikes is under development. Tiler assures that its solution is compatible with ” nearly »All electric bikes, at least those likely to receive this type of crutch.