These are the Breton Caribbean, this place is not to be missed in summer

This little corner of paradise is located in France it

This little-known place in France, which appears and disappears with the tides, offers an exceptional panorama.

Turquoise water, a fine sandbank only accessible by boat, exceptional seabed… You might think that you are in the Caribbean or on the island of Nang Yuan, an emblematic place of Thailand with its three islets connected by a white sandbank, but it is not. This atoll-like islet is indeed located in France and yet it is little known to the general public outside of sailing enthusiasts.

Located between the Pierres Noires and the island of Penfret in the Glénan archipelago, the small island of Guiriden is made up of a long sandbank, almost entirely covered at high tide, connecting two rocky parts. The Glénan Islands, located in southern Finistère of Brittany, are a ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts. We practice scuba diving there, discovering wrecks, schools of fish and starfish hiding at the bottom of the sea. in the sea bean fields. He It is also possible to visit the seabed without getting wet aboard Capitaine Némo, a catamaran with two submerged glass lounges. The archipelago is a paradise for sailing enthusiasts, courses are even offered on Saint-Nicolas Islandthe largest of the islands. The splendors of the Big Blue are yours!

Classified as a nature reserve and renowned for its marine biodiversity, the Glénan archipelago is also a privileged nesting site where you can observe numerous seabirds: terns, ring-necked plovers, oystercatchers, herring gulls and cormorants. Endemic to the Breton archipelago, the Glénan Narcissus grows there in the Saint-Nicolas Island reserve, only for a few weeks in April. These little white flowers are unique in the world.

To reach this preserved and magnificent place, shuttles from April to September connect the port of Bénodet, the Beg-Meil slipway in Fouesnant or the Port La Forêt in La Forêt-Fouesnant to the island of Saint-Nicolas, the most large part of the archipelago, with a one-hour journey. The town of Concarneau is also a starting point for traveling to the archipelago. To discover Guiriden more closely, you can rent a kayak on site for 39 euros or take a cruise ship which makes stops on different islands of the archipelago with the Vedettes de l’Odet. The rest of the year, it is also possible to reach Guiriden with a private boat.