​​These 9 minutes in a child’s day are essential for their emotional development

​​These 9 minutes in a childs day are essential for

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    According to the theory developed by neuroscientist Dr Jaak Panksepp, three “key” moments in the day could strengthen the emotional bonds between you and your child. A new habit to try, which only takes 9 minutes.

    Childhood is a period rich in learning and emotions during which it is important to stay by their side. An important bond for getting started in life: according to neuroscientist Dr Jaak Panksepp, the “sphere of positive emotions” shared between a child and a loved one plays a determining role in their becoming a fulfilled and productive member of the family. Company. But how can we provide this “fuel” that the child needs to thrive? Beyond your daily presence, the scientist would perceive 3 key moments, not to be forgotten, to boost this emotional bond.

    3 minutes upon waking

    This involves starting your day with a greeting and a warm moment. Despite the clock ticking and the tasks to be done as soon as you get up, take the time to cuddle, to say hello, to have a little ritual to start the day. An important moment to set the tone for a positive day ahead

    3 minutes after a long separation

    Whether it’s when you return from nursery, school, or after a long nap for the little ones, find the time to express your happiness at seeing them again after this absence. No need to ask too many questions, just savor this moment of reunion, and sweetness that they probably need as a benchmark before moving on to the rest of the day.

    3 minutes before sleeping

    Whatever your evening ritual, and even if you are exhausted, remember that bedtime is special for the child, who may also feel anxious. Don’t rush the movement and don’t miss this special moment. On the contrary, once the ritual has been completed (peeing, brushing teeth, story, etc.), take 3 minutes for a moment of tenderness: hug, sweet words, good night, etc. For a last impression of softness before nighttime.

    9 minutes to strengthen your emotional bonds

    Of course, it’s very likely that you already spend time reassuring your child and telling them that you love them every day. So these 9 minutes may seem superfluous? This is not the case according to the specialist. By giving importance to three specific moments during the day, your child would gradually get used to receiving these moments of sweetness and would strengthen his emotional bond with you. On the parents’ side, these few minutes are also important: it’s an excellent way to remain aware of these special moments (in the whirlwind of life) while remaining truly attentive to your children.