These 5 personality traits determine (in part) our daily fatigue

These 5 personality traits determine in part our daily fatigue

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    Apart from established health causes, it seems that the feeling of fatigue affects some people more than others. What if it comes from your personality? In any case, this is the theory mentioned by a coach and nutritionist in a book dedicated to fatigue.

    “But why am I always tired?” The question concerns many people, and often turns out to be the result of a lack of energy, poor nutrition, or a poor sleep. But according to Karina Antram, coach, nutritionist and author of the book Fix You Fatigue, it would also be a trait of certain personalities. Five personalities are, according to her, more tired than others, with good reasons.

    5 personalities who pull a little too hard

    So, in the English magazine Stylistthe coach lists these personalities:

    The supporter. It’s the person who is always there for others, who doesn’t know how to say no, when it comes to helping. But what about its own energy? Of the care she reserves for herself?

    The ruminator. This is the person who constantly dwells on the past… an exhausting and fruitless pastime. “You focus on past events, you ruminate on what you could have done differently or your failures. As a result, you have difficulty anchoring yourself in the present,” explains Karina Antram.

    The futurist. Conversely, the futurist is a person who never stops worrying about the future. As a result, he does not anchor himself in the present either but places all his energy in what is likely to happen.

    The overthinker. An overthinker is someone who thinks too much and pays too much attention to their thoughts, which has the gift of creating fear or anxiety.

    The captive. Finally, the captive is a (too) empathetic person, like a sponge, who finds himself a prisoner of the emotions of others. “If your family or friends are going through a difficult time, you tend to absorb these emotions, which can eat away at your energy.” explains Karina Antram.

    Work on yourself to refocus on the present

    Do you feel like you’re checking off multiple types? It’s normal. According to the coach “it is likely that we will encounter some or all of them during our lifetime.” But it also suggests the need to be aware of those characteristics that can cause energy leaks. Karina Antram emphasizes that we can change, improve and combat all fatigue triggers at the source. On this subject, she proposes a way of approaching this change via the so-called “ACE” technique, a method which aims to notice useless thoughts and eliminate them.

    • A for acknowledge thoughts and feelings. “Try naming the thought process (e.g. ‘There is an anxious/worried/frustrated thought’) and notice where in your body you feel the emotion;
    • C for connect with your body “Dig your feet into the ground, stretch your back, press your hands and fingers together. Focus your attention on your physical being to summarize your thoughts and feelings”;
    • E for engage with the world around you “Notice four things you can see, four things you can hear, and four things you can touch.”