These 5 jewels sold by Shein are dangerous for your health

These 5 jewels sold by Shein are dangerous for your

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    Several jewels sold by the Chinese brand Shein in France would present too high levels of heavy metals, dangerous for health. These items must be returned.

    Well known to fast fashion enthusiasts, Shein is a Chinese website that offers low-cost fashion clothing and accessories. But at the beginning of February, the brand was singled out by the government site Rappel conso for a whole series of trendy jewels that would have high levels of heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.) dangerous to health.

    What items are affected by the recall?

    These are necklaces, bracelets and earrings sold over the Internet throughout France.

    • Geometric Detail Threader Earrings, Lot #sj2112024566892740;
    • A sun charm necklace, lot no. sw2107128827319336;
    • A beaded chain necklace, #sj2207031359285308;
    • One 18K Gold Plated Star Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace, Lot No. sj2204090850129065;
    • A conch & starfish charm anklet, lot no. sj2206087181199944).

    What are the risks if you wear these items?

    In the accessories mentioned, the levels of heavy metals, in particular cadmium and released nickel, exceed the standards authorized in France. However, nickel, for example if it is released in too large quantities can have consequences on health. The medical literature lists significant risks such as the development of cancer, lung and respiratory diseases, miscarriages, risk of infertility and heart problems. In the case of jewelry, allergies can also be developed and skin rashes can appear.

    The conso recall site advises not to wear this jewelry and to request a refund from the merchant site.