There’s one item type that almost everyone has in their pockets in Baldur’s Gate 3, but it’s really strong

Every character in Baldur’s Gate 3 can throw objects, but bombs and other explosive items are really intended for this purpose. But they’re usually not worth the deal – unless you use them correctly.

What kind of items are these?

  • Throwing objects come in different designs. The most common are all types of bombs.
  • However, bombs are rarely used. It takes most characters an entire action to cast and the damage is lower than most spells. Most of the top classes simply have stronger skills.
  • However, there is a trick where you can trigger bombs multiple times so that their damage exceeds even that of higher-level spells.
  • This is how you use bombs correctly: The trick is that you have to deal damage with bombs. Whenever a bomb takes damage, it explodes. In theory, this can happen an infinite number of times per throw.

    You have several options for stacking damage instances on bombs, such as:

  • Throws from a height for falling damage.
  • Damage areas such as fire, which deal damage to the bomb when it hits.
  • Certain items that provide more damage instances.
  • The user toyhouze shows on TikTok what this looks like and uses a few other items that cause additional damage when thrown. He releases a bomb four times, dealing 3d4+9 damage per throw. This equates to a total of between 40 and 84 damage per target. For comparison: a fireball causes between 10 and 60 damage (10d6) at maximum level 5.

    This is how you cast multiple spells in one turn:

    Baldur’s Gate 3: Cast two spells in one turn

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    Throwing is one of the most powerful skills if you use it correctly

    This trick is probably not an intentional feature. The fact that bombs explode when damage is received is intended more to punish careless players or to enable certain strategies and positioning.

    The fact that multiple instances are stacking up here sounds more like a bug. So it’s quite possible that it will be fixed in one of the upcoming updates. The trick is currently still working.

    However, when used correctly, the “throwing” skill itself can be extremely powerful, especially if you have characters with a lot of strength in the group – such as fighters or barbarians. You can use it to simply throw enemies at other enemies or directly over cliffs to certain death.

    Totem barbarians who follow the monkey even have a special option. If you throw food, you can blind opponents with it. While this isn’t completely OP, it can be quite useful in the right build. And in any case, it’s funny.

    The community is pretty smart when it comes to exploiting the game mechanics. A trick that Honor Mode players in particular often use helps you get items more easily. But you need a thieving streak to do this: Nasty tricks give you new shops in Baldur’s Gate 3 for free and are “required” for Honor Mode