There’s now a 143-minute Riverdale film on Netflix that I’m sure no one expected

Theres now a 143 minute Riverdale film on Netflix that Im

The dark teen series Riverdale started on television in January 2017. The successful film adaptation of the Archie Comics was shown in the USA on The CW and was brought to Germany by Netflix. After seven seasons with a total of 137 episodes but it was over. Riverdale ended in August of this year.

We don’t have to say goodbye to Riverdale completely. An exciting film is now being released on Netflix that shows us the Archie universe from a completely new perspective. The Indian production The Archies is a 143 minute musicalwhich offers a twist on the familiar Riverdale story.

Riverdale comes back to life as a musical on Netflix: The Archies goes back in time

The plot of The Archies, like the Riverdale series, goes back to the iconic comics, but is in India in the 1960s settled. Here we get to know the group of friends Archie Andrews (Agastya Nanda), Betty Cooper (Khushi Kapoor), Veronica Lodge (Suhana Khan) and Jughead Jones (Mihir Ahuja).

You can watch the trailer for The Archies here:

The Archies – Trailer (English Subs) HD

Friendship and love are the big themes that Archie and Co. deal with in the film musical. Furthermore, they get it with one powerful building contractor who wants to shape the small town according to his ideas. It quickly becomes clear: the future of Riverdale is at stake and only youth can save it.

The Archies doesn’t mark the first time on Netflix Indian reissue a successful series is published. Class, the Hindi-language version of the Spanish Netflix hit Elite, launched at the beginning of the year and has been causing intrigue, power games and broken hearts at a high school since 2018.

Now we can look forward to seeing how the next Archie generation performs at Netflix. The prospect of a musical going into the… Abyss of Riverdale kidnapped, definitely sounds very promising. Together with the cinema release of Wonka, today is probably the biggest day of the year for all fans of film musicals.

The Riverdale movie: When does The Archies start on Netflix?

As of today, this December 7, 2023, you can stream The Archies on Netflix. The film is available in the original version (Hindi) and with German subtitles. There are also other audio and subtitle options. However, a complete German dubbed version of The Archies does not (yet) exist.