There’s a horror classic in the stream, without which Star Wars favorite Baby Yoda would never have existed: “Completely stolen”

Theres a horror classic in the stream without which Star

The Star Wars series The Mandalorian became a hit thanks, among other things, to the cute fan favorite Grogu aka Baby Yoda. If you want to trace the character’s roots in horror film history, you can’t ignore Gremlins – Little Monsters.

If you want to watch the classic from the 80s again, you have the opportunity to do so with a streaming subscription to Sky’s WOW *. The Gremlins director holds the Similarity between the Mogwai Gizmo and Baby Yoda By the way, not just for a big coincidence.

That’s what the cult horror Gremlins is all about

In the film’s story, Randall Peltzer (Hoyt Axton) gets a special Christmas present for his son Billy (Zach Galligan). In a shop in Chinatown he buys the little gizmo that belongs to the… furry creatures called Mogwai heard. There are three rules to follow when dealing with the little creatures: no sunlight, no contact with water and never feeding them after midnight. When the rules are accidentally broken, chaos ensues.

Gremlins director with specific Star Wars accusation

Anyone who puts the cute Gizmo and Star Wars fan favorite Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian side by side will not be able to deny the parallels. According to GQ, Gremlins director Joe Dante was even more explicit:

I think the key to longevity [der Gremlins-Filme] is really this one figure [Gizmo], which is essentially like a baby. This of course brings me to the topic of Baby Yoda, the was completely stolen and simply copied. Shameless, I would think.Podcast: The 10 best current horror series on stream

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