There’s a film on TV tonight that’s so controversial it’s been banned in 3 countries

Theres a film on TV tonight thats so controversial its

With Exodus: Gods and Kings, Ridley Scott has staged the story from the Bible about Moses as a bombastic blockbuster epic. Christian Bale stars in the lead role alongside other stars such as Joel Edgerton. On Sunday at 10:50 p.m. Sat. 1 will broadcast the controversial film, which has been banned in three countries for a number of reasons.

Exodus was banned partly because of historical inaccuracies

Scott’s film is set in Egypt around 1300 BC. Here Moses is sent into the wilderness by his closest confidante, Pharaoh Rhamses (Edgerton) because he is of Hebrew descent. As Moses as the chosen one free the Egyptian people from hundreds of years of slave captivity he must become a battle-ready leader.

After its worldwide release in 2014, Exodus: Gods and Kings was banned in Egypt, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. As the Guardian reports, the Egyptian Ministry of Culture classified Scott’s work as zionist movie a.

Zionism is a Jewish movement concerned with creating an independent nation-state for people of the Jewish faith in Palestine.

Otherwise, according to Deadline and the Independent, Exodus has been banned in the three countries mentioned because of historical inaccuracies, personification of the voice of God, and errors relating to Islam and other religions.

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