Therefore, the price of the popular chocolate cake is being increased – by 30 percent

Therefore the price of the popular chocolate cake is being

Chocolate prices are soaring. The culprit in the drama is suspected to be the lousy cocoa harvest last year in West Africa.

The one who has to pay is the candy consumer.

Cocoa beans quintupled in price

The price of the cocoa bean has quadrupled in just one year and is now worth its weight in gold, and there is no chocolate bar that can escape the price increase.

For a time, the price actually increased sixfold, then went back slightly to only fivefold the price, of the commodity.

The price of cocoa has increased fivefold in the last twelve months. Photo: Trading Economics. Now comes the increase in the Marabou price

But while Lindt, Cloetta and Fazer raised their prices already around the turn of the year, the price of Marabou’s chocolate has now slipped through with price increases during the early summer. And it is noticeable.

Big candy price review

Food price checkwhich is a company that reviews food prices via its app to give users tips on where to buy their groceries cheapest, has checked how much more expensive the chocolate cake has become from store to store.

– It’s quite incredible actually. I’m a chocolate fan so I’ve noticed this myself, says Ulf Mazur who is CEO of Matpriskollen.

Marabou sales took a hit when Putin invaded Ukraine, as the ownership company continued to operate in Russia. Photo: Claudio Bresciani / Scanpix via TTIca Maxi increases by 18 percent

In twelve months, a Marabou milk chocolate 100 grams has gone from costing SEK 14.93 at Ica Maxi to costing SEK 17.62. That is an increase of a whopping 18 percent.

The same chocolate cake has increased in all chain stores.

Stora Coop raises the least

At Coop Stora, the price increased from SEK 16.36 to SEK 17.95 during the same period. That is an increase of “only” 10 percent.

Biggest increase at Willys: 29 percent

The country’s biggest increase took place at Willys.

There, the price of the 100-gram rose from SEK 13.90 a year ago to SEK 17.90 today.

That’s an incredible 29 percent increase.

This is evident from the Food Price Survey.

Even Lindt and Fazer are becoming more expensive

Over the same period, Lindt Excellence 70%, 100 grams has only increased by between 3 and 7 percent over the same period – with one exception. At Hemköp, the cake has risen in price by 20 percent, to SEK 38.79.

Fazer Milk Chocolate 145 grams has also increased in price during the same period, by between 9 and 14 percent compared to a year ago.

Marabou prices are increasing the fastest

But Marabou is thus the chocolate cake that has increased in price the most over the past year, and especially in the last month.

– There is a natural lag when it comes to raw materials such as cocoa. The bad harvest happened last year, but it is only now that it is felt by the Marabou customers.

A popular Saturday treat. Photo: Claudio Bresciani / Scanpix via TTS weak Swedish krona does not help

It also coincides with the fact that the Swedish currency is very weak compared to major currencies such as the euro and the US dollar, which makes Swedish candy consumers extra vulnerable.

– In July, there will be new increases for several products and then it may very well be that several of the chocolate manufacturers will increase again, says Ulf Mazur.

Ulf Mazur is CEO of Matpriskollen. Photo: Claudio Bresciani / Scanpix via TTHHere you get the cheapest cake

The prices at Maxi, Stora Coop, City Gross, Hemköp are average prices. Willys, on the other hand, has the same price in all its stores.

According to Matpriskollen’s price survey, you can probably get the cheapest chocolate cake at Ica Maxi. There, a 100-gram Marabou costs SEK 17.62 on average. Lindt Excellence 100 grammes are cheapest at Willys: SEK 29.90 each.

At Willys you also get the cheapest Fazer chocolate. That cake goes for SEK 21.90 each.

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