“There wasn’t much left in my life” – One of the biggest German streamers is planning to say goodbye to Twitch

Michael “MckyTV” Doleys (31) is one of the bigger streamers on German Twitch. But that should now be over, because the 31-year-old is planning his streaming retirement. But when he says goodbye, he wants to really let it go again.

What kind of streamer is this? Michael “MckyTV” Doleys has been streaming regularly on Twitch since October 2016. He got his start with World of Warcraft and Clash Royale. He now has 1.3 million followers and is one of the larger German streamers (via SullyGnome).

But all of this should be over: Mcky announced on March 31, 2024 that he planned to retire from streaming. But first he wants to really let it rip and organize a subathon.

With such Marahton streams, content creators often come up with special rewards for their fans if certain goals are achieved.

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Mcky says: “There wasn’t much else in my life”

Why does he stop? After Mcky had already announced his big news to his viewers on stream on March 31st, he went into more detail about his motivations in a YouTube video on April 2nd.

The 31-year-old reports that streaming has determined a huge part of his life. In January of this year he was full of Minecraft fever and was on air for 322 hours – on average, that’s more than 11 hours per day. There wasn’t much else in his life, says Mcky: “Sleep, get up, eat something, stream, wake up, maybe another phone call.”

The content creator explains that he feels like he has spent half his life streaming. His personal development, but also time with his family, was sometimes neglected. In the future he would probably like to have more time for his girlfriend and his children.

When he returned to the online world with his children after a week, his mood worsened immensely. He can identify less and less with social media and streaming. Dealing with each other on the Internet has become significantly more unpleasant in recent years, the streamer adds.

At the same time, he also has the feeling that he can no longer live up to his own quality standards. He feels burned out from streaming.

But Mcky also openly admits that he is simply no longer dependent on the income from streaming and emphasizes how grateful he is to his fans and supporters for it.

You can watch his announcement here:

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This is how MckyTV says goodbye: The streamer has planned something special for his farewell: a subathon with an open ending. This means there is no time limit for the duration of the marathon stream. Mcky definitely expects it to take several months, maybe even half a year.

During a subathon, the remaining duration of the stream increases with each subscription completed. If the timer goes to 0, the stream ends. For Mcky, this will also be the end of his streaming career.

For his big farewell streaming marathon, Mcky would like to install 3 additional set-ups in his house. Mcky plans various activities with several guests. There will be cooking streams, gym content and even an ice bath – hopefully a little more planned than with Papaplatte.

Is this an April Fool’s joke? Despite the somewhat suspicious timing, Mcky emphasized several times that the announcement was not an April Fool’s joke. The stream, in which he told his viewers about his retirement plans, took place on March 31st, and the accompanying YouTube video followed on April 2nd.

So it seems like Mcky is serious. In fact, there currently seems to be a real wave of Twitch streamers and YouTubers who are turning their backs on being content creators:

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