“There was blood everywhere, body parts…”

There was blood everywhere body parts

In Burma, the attack on a school in the region of Sagaing, in the north of the country, left at least 13 dead, including 11 children. The youngest was 7 years old. The region has been plagued by violent clashes between army and rebel forces for several weeks.

From our correspondent in Yangon, Carol Isoux

The rural primary school in the village of Let Yet Khone was surrounded by soldiers around 1 p.m. on Friday 16 September. They fired on dormitories where children and their teachers were.

A teacher survivor of the massacre testified at the microphone of the Burmese news site Myanmar Now: “ There had already been air raids. We usually hide in dormitories, but this was different. Suddenly, we heard gunshots and my colleague was injured in the foot, we rushed under the beds with the children. They fired first with large machine guns, then with smaller handguns. Everything was destroyed, there was blood everywhere, body parts. I saw my colleague bleeding out in front of me. And then my son… He had already lost an arm and a leg. Before dying, he said to me: “mom, help me, I’m in too much pain, help me to die”. »

According to the Burmese press, the soldiers received information that fighters were hiding in the school and smuggling weapons there, a version formally denied by the teachers.

After the massacre, the bodies of the children and their two teachers were transported about ten kilometers to be burned and buried there. In recent weeks, thanks to the end of the rainy season, fighting has resumed even more vigorously in the region of Sagaing, a pocket of resistance to the junta, and in the surroundings of the capital, Yangon.

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