There has never been a war film like this before

There has never been a war film like this before

Tonight shows RTL II at 8:15 p.m. the epic 1917 for the first time on free TV and the action drama by Skyfall director Sam Mendes has it all: The war film makes the First World War tangible in a way that no other genre colleague before it has.

For the first time on TV: 1917 is an unforgettable experience

What’s the matter? In 1917, during the First World War, two young Englishmen, Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) and Schofield (George MacKay), are given the task of delivering a letter. This contains important information about an ambush that could cost 1600 allies their lives. So the two soldiers make their way through trenches, underground mine shafts and bombed-out cities to hopefully race against time to get to the goal.


1917 for the first time on free TV

On your War Odyssey The two friends meet supporting stars like Colin Firth, Andrew Scott and Benedict Cumberbatch. At the 2020 Academy Awards, 1917 was a huge favorite before Parasite unexpectedly snatched the Best Picture trophy from him. In the end were anyway 3 Oscars for 1917 inside: for the best visual effects, the best sound and the best camera. Which is already a good indication of what makes 1917 so extraordinary and what sets it apart from other war films: his visual experience in the manner of one-shot films.

Tune in to RTL II: what makes 1917 so special as a war film

The special feature: 1917 has (almost) no cuts or hides them with one exception so well that we don’t notice them. This has the effect that we are immediately drawn into the story alongside the characters, as if we were in the trenches ourselves.

1917: How live in the war?

Such an almost seamless trip may seem like rehearsed swank to some, while others see the film as impressive aesthetic-intensive experience cheer. But whatever you think about it at the end: You’ve definitely never seen a war film like 1917 before. And that alone should be reason enough to turn on the TV tonight.

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