There are 6 (!) Game of Thrones stars hiding in 3 Body Problem – and you probably didn’t recognize the Varys actor

There are 6 Game of Thrones stars hiding in

For the most expensive Netflix series of the year and their first major series project since the end of the fantasy epic Game of Thrones, the two co-showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss have gathered a lot of Westeros alumni in front of and behind the camera. But did you recognize all the Game of Thrones stars in the sci-fi hit 3 Body Problem?

While there are some easily recognizable prominent faces from A Song of Ice and Fire among the main cast, a few others are easy to miss. You can find one here Overview of everyone six 3 Body Problem actors who previously appeared in Game of Thrones.

Attention, the article contains Spoilers for the first 3 episodes of 3 Body Problem.

3 Body Problem meets Game of Thrones: John Bradley


John Bradley

  • In Game of Thrones John Bradley starred as Samwell Tarly for eight seasons.
  • In 3 body problem He plays the snack entrepreneur Jack Rooney, who as part of the Oxford Five wants to solve the mysterious suicide of his girlfriend Vera and immerses himself in the world of a futuristic virtual reality game about the three-body problem.
  • 3 Body Problem meets Game of Thrones: Liam Cunningham


    Liam Cunningham

  • In Game of Thrones Liam Cunningham played the former Baratheon advisor and later Jon Schnee confidant Davos Seewert. He first appeared in season 2.
  • In 3 body problem He plays the influential and enigmatic secret service agent Thomas Wade.
  • 3 Body Problem meets Game of Thrones: Jonathan Pryce


    Jonathan Pryce

  • In Game of Thrones Jonathan Pryce appeared in seasons 5 and 6 as High Sparrow, the leader of the religious sect of the Sparrows.
  • In 3 body problem we see him as Mike Evans. The son of an oil tycoon worked as an environmentalist for years until he became a wealthy entrepreneur himself and used his financial resources to lead a mysterious organization.
  • 3 Body Problem meets Game of Thrones: Mark Gatiss


    Mark Gatiss

  • In Game of Thrones Mark Gatiss appeared as Tycho Nestoris in just four episodes. How many warning letters did the Iron Bank representative from Braavos send to the Lannisters?
  • In 3 body problem We see Gatiss, on the other hand, in a short guest role in episode 3 as the game character Isaac Newton, who with his now iconic sentence “Shut up you stupid troll“will definitely be remembered.
  • 3 Body Problem meets Game of Thrones: Conleth Hill


    Conleth Hill

  • In Game of Thrones Conleth Hill provided numerous memorable moments as master spy Varys for eight seasons.
  • In 3 body problem However, the Varys actor is hardly recognizable at first glance. In Episode 3, as Pope Gregory XIII, he hides behind unexpectedly fluffy historical hair and under an enormous crown.
  • 3 Body Problem meets Game of Thrones: Kevin Eldon


    Kevin Eldon

  • In Game of Thrones British comedian Kevin Eldon played not just one, but two different roles. In Season 6, he did his best Ned Stark impersonation on stage as Braavos actor Camello. to see. In season 7, however, as Goldrock of King’s Landing, he had an unpleasant (and fatal) encounter with Gendry’s hammer.
  • In 3 body problem you can discover Kevin Eldon in an unexpectedly funny scene in episode 2. As the video game character Sir Thomas More, he welcomes Jack Rooney into the world of the VR game and is then greeted straight back by his fist.
  • 3 Body Problem Meets Game of Thrones: Alex Sharp (Bonus)


    Alex Sharp

    Technically, Alex Sharp, who stars as Will Downing in 3 Body Problem, never directly starred in Game of Thrones. He was still allowed to enter the world of Westeros. Because Alex Sharp was part of the cast of the Bloodmoon series, which was supposed to take place 5,000 years before Game of Thrones. However, after a $30 million pilot episode, the prequel project was rejected by HBO and ended up in the poison cabinet.

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