Therapy dogs Pippi and Rudolf help children with mental illness in Skellefteå

The Australian labradoodles Rudolf, 7, and Pippi, 3, meet children and young people with different problem tactics. Mia Grönlund Forsgren believes that the dogs, which have been working at the reception in Skellefteå since May, have made it easier for patients to want to come to the bup.

– Patients have told us that it is easier to get out of bed, she says.

Mia Grönlund Forsgren emphasizes that the therapy dogs are not a treatment in themselves, but function as an aid.

– We can work practically, such as taking walks with the dog or doing tricks, to shift the focus to the body’s functions, she says.

In the clip above, you can hear how bup in Skellefteå works with the therapy dogs Rudolf and Pippi.