Then the drivers got free bus passes

Then the drivers got free bus passes

After April 16, it is forbidden to drive on studded tires in Sweden unless there are winter road conditions.

This year, April has been unusually cold with snowfall and slips in places, which has led to a debate about whether the studded tire ban should be moved to the end of April.

On the one hand, the studded tires wear hard on the road surface and should therefore not be used on bare ground. On the other hand, it can be a problem if it snows when you have already put on the summer tires.

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Free bus cards became the solution

In the capital of Latvia, Riga, there have been similar concerns recently after a heavy snowfall, which led to difficult conditions on the roads.

In order to facilitate snow removal and avoid people going out on the roads on summer tires, the city therefore issued temporary “snow tickets” that can be used on the city’s public transport.

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Car drivers ride for free

What it’s about in practice is that all car drivers were allowed to use public transport for free on the days when there was snow on the ground.

Motorists did not need to obtain a physical snow ticket, but only needed to have the car’s registration certificate or inspection documents with them to be able to present them at a possible ticket check.

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The car’s papers as a ticket

By carrying the registration certificate or the inspection documents, the driver can prove that the car is not in use at the time – probably because these must be in the car when it is used in Latvia.

It is not the first time the city has used the snow tickets, but the same system was also used last autumn in the event of an early snowfall. The city may also consider introducing snow tickets in the future.

Perhaps a similar system can be applied in Swedish cities in the future?

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