“Then I would have gone blind”

Magnus Hedman has been forced into emergency surgery.
When the goalkeeper legend was about to go blind.
“There were flashes,” he admits on Instagram.

It already started during the week then Magnus Hedman experienced problems with vision. Then the weekend came and everything turned into a nightmare for the former national team goalkeeper in soccer.

Hedman’s accident

The 51-year-old was forced to undergo emergency surgery at St Erik’s eye emergency in Solna. Hedman had suffered a retinal detachment and the situation became extremely serious.
“The plan was to train, eat a good piece of meat and finish with a long walk. It ended with retinal detachment and was admitted for surgery instead,” he writes himself on Instagram.
“Once again a wake-up call about living fully every day”.

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141110 Magnus Hedman during the Football Gala on November 10, 2014 in Stockholm. Photo: Andreas L Eriksson / Bildbyrån / Cop 106

It became so serious that Magnus Hedman would have lost his sight had he not acted immediately. Now he opens up on social media and shares nasty pictures of what actually happened, see the post below.
“I had flashes and then a shadow partially across the field of vision. If you can’t see well, don’t wait to go in! I would have gone blind if I hadn’t gone here and thought it would go away by itself. The only thing that had gone away then was the sight,” he writes on Instagram.

Paying tribute to the hospital

There was a successful operation over the weekend and Hedman’s affected eye was saved to keep his sight. After the upheaval that happened, he now pays tribute to the nursing staff who took good care of him.
“Some who have really been and are fantastic are the staff at St. Erik’s Eye Hospital! So caring, professional and genuine in their way of being!
Grateful for Swedish healthcare and to all of you who took care of me,” he writes in his post.

The article continues after the picture.

Magnus Hedman was forced into emergency surgery this weekend. PHOTO: Instagram

Magnus Hedman receives a lot of love and many greetings on social media after sharing the great trauma. Now several weeks of rehabilitation await the goalkeeper legend.
“Now I have to get used to not being allowed to train for 6 weeks, but I’ve done worse,” he writes.

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