Then episodes 3 and 4 come on the first and in the ARD media library

Then episodes 3 and 4 come on the first and

The globally renowned Berlin hospital Charité looks back on over 300 years of history, so it offers plenty of fodder for the creativity of screenwriters. So it’s no wonder that Charité is already entering its fourth season. Today, April 9th The series returns to television with the start of season 4. But with the new episodes there will be a change that will shine the series in a new science fiction light.

The hospital series becomes a sci-fi story

Charité is basically a kind of anthology series, because each season takes place in a different era and brings with it new stories and faces. Season 1 started in 1888, season 2 turned to the time of National Socialism and the Second World War and number 3 jumped to the year the Wall was built, i.e. 1961. Similar to Babylon Berlin, historical and fictional characters were woven into the plot .

Season 4 of Charité, however, breaks new narrative ground. For the first time, the hospital series is not set in the past, but in the future, to be precise, in the year 2049. A future that is not as distant as one might think.

Check out the trailer for season 4 here:

Charité – S04 Trailer (German) HD

In the year 2049, research and treatment is still being carried out at the Charité and here, too, big politics is confusing the work of the doctors. One of the new main characters of the sci-fi season is the researcher Maral Safadi (Sesede Terziyan), who is the head of the Institute of Microbiology controversial health care reforms and scary new pathogens.

Then Charité comes on TV – the broadcast dates

The fourth season of Charité consists of six episodes all airing this week. The broadcast dates in the first are as follows:

  • Episodes 1 and 2 air this Tuesday from 8:15 p.m
  • Episodes 3 and 4 air on Wednesday from 8:15 p.m
  • Episodes 5 and 6 air on Thursday from 8:15 p.m
  • In addition, on the Tuesday after the season premiere from 9:55 p.m. the documentary Hirschhausen – medicine of tomorrow shown in which media person and doctor Eckart von Hirschhausen investigates the innovations surrounding the gods in white.

    Charité streams in the ARD media library

    If you want to see the fourth season of Charité now, you can Stream all six episodes in the ARD media library, without registering or subscribing. The other three seasons are of course also available. However, you don’t have to have seen the previous episodes of the hospital series to get into season 4.

    In addition to Sesede Terziyan (WaPo Berlin), the other cast of season 4 also includes Angelina Häntsch (German Crime Story: Gefettelt), Adriana Altaras (The Perfect Secret), Moritz Führmann (Letters from the Beyond) and Jenny Schily (The Secret of the Forest of the Dead). .