The WoW boss promises that Dragonflight won’t clutter up your inventory so blatantly

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Inventory Tetris is unpopular among most World of Warcraft players. Shadowlands went over the top with dozens of different items all doing the same thing. In an interview, Creative Director Ion Hazzikostas now explains that the new Dragonflight expansion won’t be that bad.

What was the problem?

  • In Shadowlands, Anima was a new resource that was needed for all sorts of rewards. However, the resource itself was collected via dozens of different items, each of which occupied a space in the inventory. There were also specific items for pacts and more.
  • The situation got particularly bad in the Korthia patch. With another resource, players could easily fill up 30-40 inventory slots with items in half an hour. Usnic for most.
  • Dragonflight wants to avoid this problem in the first place. The boss himself speaks to the situation.
  • That’s what the WoW boss says now: Ion Hazzikostas interviewed wowhead’s Anne Fuchsia on all sorts of topics (via YouTube). When asked if the developers would be “a little nicer” to the bags, Hazzikostas replied:

    Yes. These are painful points that we have experienced ourselves. One of the ways that we have to deliver progression, collections and stuff like that is through inventory. The challenge is when there are six or seven different systems and many designers working to put something in your bag, you suddenly get overwhelmed. […]

    We have to be careful with the systems we create, with things in the open world. You slice your way through opponents and before you know it, your pockets are full again and we’re at the beginning. Since we can still give you as much inventory space.

    One measure, on the other hand, is the new reagent bags, in which all crafting materials are collected. The bags simply work as an additional slot purely for resources, i.e. as an additional inventory.

    By the way, you can get a 20-slot reagent bag for little effort before the release of Dragonflight.

    Blizzard shows the most important new features of Dragonflight in the new gameplay trailer:

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    Dragonflight brings new systems that are still being expanded

    Hazzikostas did not name any other concrete measures, at least in this interview. However, he explains that content such as the inventory will be renewed and improved with Dragonflight. You have also learned from the past.

    For example, the decision to bring content from old expansions to Dragonflight Season 1 came about through the Season 4 experiment in Shadowlands. The Shadowlands ending was so good that even longtime critics are praising it.

    Here you can find all information about Dragonflight:

    WoW Dragonflight: Release, Beta, New Class – Everything We Know

    The stated goal of Dragonflight is to lay the foundations to improve World of Warcraft in the long term. Systems introduced with the new expansion are more the beginning of a development than already completed features. This is what the developers told us in an interview about the content of Dragonflight:

    Interview with WoW Developer: “Dragonflight features will forever improve the future of WoW”