The world’s shipping companies in a joint statement: Red Sea ships must be protected | News in brief

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have sunk two cargo ships in the Red Sea in the past week.

In a joint statement, the world’s shipping companies demand immediate measures to protect cargo shipping in the Red Sea. Among other things, the largest trade organization in the field, the International Chamber of Shipping, published statement on their website.

Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels launched a devastating attack on cargo ships last week. Both the MV Tutor cargo ship and the Verbena sank as a result of the strikes.

The Houthis started the ship attacks after Israel attacked Gaza in October last year. During the attacks, three sailors have lost their lives.

“The situation is unacceptable and these attacks must stop now. We ask the influential countries in the region to protect innocent seafarers and de-escalate the situation in the Red Sea. We have heard countries condemn the attacks and we appreciate the verbal support, but we now demand action to end the illegal attacks on vital workers and vital industry,” the statement reads.

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