The world’s largest iPhone factory in China is confused! Workers unfurled the flag of revolt… “We want to return home”

The worlds largest iPhone factory in China is confused Workers

The world’s largest iPhone factory is on the agenda this time with protests. Things got mixed up when workers at the Foxconn company’s iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, China, which was previously hit by Kovid-19, unfurled the flag of riot. Workers protested the Kovid-19 measures and clashed with the police. The voices of “We want to go home” were raised.


In the action that started last night and lasted until the morning, the workers protested the strict Kovid-19 measures, as well as the postponement of the payment of the promised bonuses, the failure to make payments and the lack of sufficient food. Within the framework of the Kovid-19 measures, the anger of the workers, who have been working in closed circuit for about 1 month and whose entrances and exits are strictly controlled, was reflected in the cameras.


In the images shared on social media, it was seen that the workers clashed with the police wearing protective overalls and demolished the barriers put up to fight the epidemic. It was claimed that some of the workers who chanted “We want to return home” were injured during the brawl, and that some workers were in serious health condition. In the footage, it was seen that a worker who fell to the ground was kicked by the police wearing protective overalls.



In the factory, where approximately 200 thousand workers are employed, entrances and exits were banned on the grounds that Kovid-19 cases were seen in October, and the images of the workers fleeing the factory with their suitcases and backpacks became the agenda. Within the framework of the quarantine, it was reflected in the press that Foxconn persuaded thousands of workers to stay at the plant with the promise of raising hourly wages and bonuses.

It was announced that after the transition to the “work with limited capacity” application due to the increasing Kovid-19 cases at Foxconn, there was a slowdown in production, and therefore those who want to buy iPhone 14 and other products will have to wait. (UAV)