The world’s largest city, Tokyo, pays out thousands of euros to families with children who move

The worlds largest city Tokyo pays out thousands of euros

Tokyo hopes to ease the shortage of space by paying subsidies to families moving elsewhere.

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In Japan, attempts are being made to solve overpopulation, declining birthrates and an aging population with the help of financial incentives offered to families. It tells about it, among other things television company CNN (you will switch to another service).

Thanks to the experiment, which will start in April, living conditions in the greater Tokyo area are to be relaxed. Tokyo is still the world’s most populous city. An estimated 37 million people live there.

If the family decides to move from the capital to another place, each child can receive a compensation of about 7,250 euros. Support also applies to single parents.

Support would be paid for young people under the age of 18 or still studying in high school.

Carrots have been used before

The Japanese government has offered financial support to migrants before, but the amount according to the current experiment is three times the amount compared to previous enticements.

Japan’s development has followed the development of other industrialized countries. People have moved to cities for work. Tokyo is the most popular destination.

Before the corona pandemic, more than 80,000 people moved to Tokyo annually, more than people moved out.