The world reacts to Russia’s initiative – the USA and Britain called it a sign of failure, the Pope called the Ukrainians martyrs

The world reacts to Russias initiative the USA and

The partial suspension of the movement announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin was quickly condemned by the West. In many comments, it was considered to tell about the Russian war of aggression drifting into a dead end.

the president of Russia Vladimir Putin the harsh speech has been interpreted as an indication that Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine is in trouble. At the same time, European leaders are calling for more aid to Ukraine.

Advisor to the President of Ukraine Mihailo Podoljak saw Putin’s speech as a completely predictable attempt to cover up his own failure:

– The war is clearly not going according to Russia’s plans, which is why Putin has to make a very unpopular decision to launch a campaign, said Podoljak.

US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink called the “referendums” planned by Russia in the occupied territories as frauds, and the movement as a sign of Russia’s weakness and failure.

Brink reminded that the United States will never recognize Russia’s right to territories belonging to Ukraine, which it tries to annex.

A sign of Russia’s failure

Also the British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace took Putin’s announcement as a sign that the Russian offensive was failing.

British Foreign Secretary Gillian Keegan said that the announcement of the motion must be taken seriously, because it indicates the escalation of the situation. Keegan added that he doubts that the situation may no longer be under Putin’s control.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte urged to remain calm. He reminded that Russia’s rhetoric has been harsh for a long time.

– Mobilization and demanding a referendum in Donetsk are signs of panic. Putin’s rhetoric about nuclear weapons is something we have heard many times before, said Rutte.

“Ukraine needs support now”

Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Fiala reminded that the partial motion is a new indication that Russia is a lone aggressor state. According to him, Ukraine now needs continuous support.

Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki said that Russia is trying to destroy Ukraine. He also urged the Western allies to offer Ukraine all possible support.

Prime Minister of Slovakia Eduard Heger condemned Russia’s “referendums” in the occupied territories and reiterated the country’s position that Slovakia supports Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Pope: Ukrainians are martyrs

Pope Francis called the Ukrainians a noble people who have fallen into the position of a martyr.

Speaking at the end of a public event in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope said that Ukrainians have had to experience “monstrosity and torture”.

The Pope said that he discussed the Polish cardinal Konrad Krajewski with, who was in Ukraine distributing aid last week and was attacked.

However, Pope Francis, who gave support to the Ukrainians, did not mention Russia in his speech.

China has not condemned the Russian attack. So even now the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wang Wenbin cited the security concerns of “all parties” and urged them to engage in dialogue.

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