The World Health Organization introduced it with a health focus: “SARAH”

The World Health Organization introduced it with a health focus

This time, the World Health Organization has managed to make a splash with a health-focused artificial intelligence consultant called “SARAH”.

featured on BBC According to the news, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that before April 7 World Health Day, has launched a new creative artificial intelligence tool to help people with their health-related questions. The new AI software called “SARAH”, which is the English acronym for Smart AI Resource Assistant for Health (Here is located) listens to users’ questions over their device’s microphone and answers them in real time. The answers are reportedly presented on the screens through the virtual character above. The tool was created to provide information on a range of important health issues and SARAH is currently English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hindi with Russian can understand their language. WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in his press statement on this subject: “The future of healthcare is digital. “SARAH gives us an insight into how AI can be used in the future to improve access to health information in a more interactive way.” said. Other companies are also working on the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. For example, the internet giant Googlehas started real tests with its special artificial intelligence system developed with a focus on health. In the past months “The Check UpGoogle, which organized a health services event called “”, introduced new information about ultrasound result evaluations, medical language models and cancer treatments. artificial intelligence He shared important information about his technologies.


Google in areas where there are not enough trained professionals He thinks that artificial intelligence is very important in the use of ultrasound devices. The company states that the results can be evaluated directly by artificial intelligence and believes that this will make a big difference in issues such as early diagnosis of breast cancer.

The company says they have partnered with Jacaranda Health, a non-profit in Kenya, to make this a reality and research AI-based ultrasound assessments. The company is also working with Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan, where access is limited in underdeveloped areas. Ultrasound results supported by artificial intelligence algorithms as an alternative to mammograms He is also researching how to detect breast cancer through breast cancer.